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Fluffy’s Year in Review

January 1 2021

Happy New Year! It’s probably safe to say that today many news and social media sites will be focused on recounting last year’s most eventful moments. (And, in the case of 2020, celebrate that it’s over.) We’ll leave the review lists to others, but we’re purrfectly happy to look back on some of the things our feline pals accomplished last year! Here, a Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian looks back on some of Fluffy’s biggest 2020 moments.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

In one of the year’s best feel-good stories, a British man, Adam Lawrence, is now engaged to a woman he travelled 4000 miles to meet. What sparked the meeting? Fluffy, of course. The now-couple met online, when 26-year-old Anna Hosey liked a photo Adam had posted of himself with his chubby kitty in a Facebook group dedicated to chonky cats. (Adam and Anna, if you’re reading this, congratulations!)

All You Need Is Love

Apparently that Beatles’ magic isn’t going away anytime soon. A ginger tabby was found in Liverpool on John Lennon Drive on October 8th, which would have been the singer’s 80th birthday. Students brought the kitty to a local shelter, where the little furball quickly became bffs with a black and white kitty named … wait for it … Ringo.

And Meow, A Word From Your Cat

Have you ever wondered what your kitty was trying to tell you when she meows-or yells-at you? You may not have to wait much longer. One of the engineers behind Amazon’s Alexa has now created an app that will translate Fluffy’s meows. The app’s dictionary contains 13 phrases. Unsurprisingly, they mostly consist of things like ‘Feed Me’ and ‘Leave Me Alone.’


It’s always heartwarming when missing pets are returned to their owners. In Berlin, NH, a kitty named Turtle was reunited with his human after being gone for a whopping three years. Welcome home, kitty!

Sour Puss

As you may know, sour cream is a very popular dish in Russia. However, one feline has made the news for its clear disgust of the dairy product. Belyash, a kitty from Moscow, makes an absolutely hilarious gagging expression whenever a bowl of it is placed near him. (We’re with the furball on this one: sour cream really isn’t appropriate for cats!) As your local Carolina Forest, SC veterinary clinic, we are dedicated to offering great veterinary care. Contact us anytime!

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