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Rescue Dogs: Bringing Fido Home

Are you ready to welcome a new pooch into your home? Why not get a rescue dog? Many of our canine patients were rescued, and are now thriving as cherished pets. It’s crucial to remember that Fido may require some time to adjust to major…


Celebrating Specially-Abled Pets

May 3rd holds great significance for a number of our cherished furry companions: it’s National Specially-Abled Pets Day. This special event honors the beloved pets that may not fit society’s conventional standards of perfection. Fido might have a missing leg, or Fluffy’s cute little ears…


Pallas Cat Day

You’ve heard the saying that every dog has its day. Well, we think every kitty also deserves a special day. We’re putting one very cute and mysterious cat at center stage for this one. April 23rd is Pallas Cat Day! Read on as a local…


Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog Bite Prevention Week always takes place during the second week of April. This is a pretty serious issue. Every year, roughly 4.5 people are bitten by dogs. While fortunately many of those bites do not cause serious injury, many do require medical treatment, and…


Easy Ways to Show Your Cat Respect

The 28th of March is a pretty significant day for Fluffy: it’s Respect Your Cat Day! Of course, if you asked your feline overlord how to best show her respect, she might demand big shrines, statues, fishponds with live fish in them, stocked aviaries, and…


Fun Facts about Our Feline Friends

Did you know that cats are among the sleepiest animals on the planet? Only a few creatures, including bats and possums, can catch more Z’s than Man’s Second Best Friend. This might not be surprising: we all know that our feline buddies are, for whatever…


Housepets and Children

Were you aware that over two-thirds of American households have pets? According to statistics from the American Pet Products Association, 70% of households include a beloved pet. This figure has risen significantly in recent years, climbing from just 56% in 1988. The timeless pairing of…


Choosing Your Canine Companion

Are you thinking about adopting a new dog? This can be an exciting and fun time. Of course, with so many cute pups out there in need of homes, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Here are some tips from a local…


Walking Your Cat: Do Or Don’t?

January is Walk Your Dog Month. Actually, January’s pet holidays are pretty much focused on our canine companions. It’s also Train Your Dog Month and Unchain A Dog Month. We know, walks are usually something we do with dogs, but why should Fido have all…


Labrador Retriever Spotlight

January is a special month for the Labrador Retriever. This very good boy celebrates his own special day on the 8th. Cute,  friendly, and loyal, the Lab is one of the most popular dogs in the world. They make great family pets with their exuberant…

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