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National Bacon Day

Did you know that December 30th is National Bacon Day? We’re guessing probably not. After all, this one definitely takes a backseat to major people holidays, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve. However, your canine companion would be more than happy to celebrate…


Holiday Hazards For Pets

Season’s Greetings! Many of you will be busy preparing for seasonal events and festivities over the next few weeks. Your furry pal will no doubt be underfoot, supervising you closely as you get ready. A Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some hazards to be aware…


Take A Hike Day

Take A Hike Day is November 17th! Here in the South, November is the perfect time of year to go for a scenic stroll. Of course, many of our canine pals also enjoy exploring new places. Read on as a Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses…


Keeping A Senior Dog Active

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! More and more people are discovering that older dogs make absolutely wonderful pets. One reason that pooches in their golden years are such great companions is the fact that they’re naturally very sweet and calm. Fido will have…


Fido’s Gotcha Day

October 22nd is National Make A Dog’s Day. There are few things that are cuter than a happy pooch excitedly wagging his tail. It doesn’t take much to please our canine companions. Toys, treats, and belly rubs will all do the trick. Of course, the…


Safety Tips For The Dog Park

Does your dog get super excited when he hears the word ‘park?’ It’s probably safe to say that the dog park is one of Fido’s favorite spots! Your four-legged pal will both enjoy and benefit from being able to interact and play with other pups….


9 Signs That Your Pet Is In Pain

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. Our furry friends are very good at making their points when they want treats, walks, or lap space, but they sometimes have trouble letting on when they are in pain. To complicate matters, some animals instinctively try to hide…


Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Is your cat an orange kitty? If so, you may want to give your little buddy a special treat: it’s Ginger Kitty Appreciation Day! Cats come in many different patterns and colors, and we think they’re all adorable. However, ginger cats definitely have some raving…


Why You Should Never Feed Your Pet Grapes or Raisins

Have you ever considered feeding your dog or cat a grape or its dried counterpart, the raisin? That is definitely not a good idea. As it turns out, grapes and raisins, along with their cousin, the currant, are extremely toxic to our animal friends. These…


Invisible Fences: Do or Don’t?

As you may know, dogs love to run and play outside. Many pups both enjoy and benefit from having a fenced-in yard to chase squirrels around in. If you’re considering installing fencing, so your pup can have an outdoor play space, you might be wondering…

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