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Choosing Safe Dog Toys

December 15 2022

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. This is definitely a very timely topic for us, as so many of our furry patients will be getting a lot of new playthings in their stockings this month. However, while one would hope that products made for our canine buddies are guaranteed to be safe, that unfortunately just isn’t the case. A local vet offers some helpful tips on choosing safe toys in this article.


One of the major issues with pet toy safety is the fact that many contain toxic chemicals and materials. In fact, a study done by Consumer Affairs discovered the presence of toxic heavy metals, such as lead and chromium, in many dog toys. Some of the toys also contained latex, which contains BPA. Check the labels, and choose things made of natural materials. Rice husk and natural rubber are both good options. They are safe to ingest, though you’d still want to call your vet if Fido eats a lot of it.

Tennis Balls

It may be cute seeing your dog happily running after tennis balls, but be careful. These are extremely dangerous for large breeds, as they can present potentially-fatal choking risks. Consider teaching Fido the commands to Leave It and Drop It. Even if you don’t give him tennis balls at home, he could find one at the dog park!


You’ll also need to be careful of toys with holes in them. Because of the suction these create, your canine pal could potentially get his tongue stuck in them. Kong toys are usually quite safe, but again, you’ll need to pick the right size. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Choosing things that are the right size for your pup is also very important. A German Shepherd could choke on a plaything made for a small breed, while a Pomeranian could hurt themselves chewing on something that is made for a Great Dane. If you have a growing puppy, remember to toss out little Fido’s smaller toys as he grows.Rawhide

We know, many of our furry friends love chewing on rawhide. It is important for Fido to have proper chew toys. However, rawhide can present a serious choking risk. Hard rubber toys are going to be the safer option. If you do give your canine friend rawhide, supervise him closely when he’s gnawing on it, and discard it when it starts getting worn. Ask your vet for more information.

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