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How the Holidays Can Stress Your Pet

December 15 2020

The holidays can be an exciting time. However, they can also be quite stressful. In fact, this time of year can also be hard on pets. Here, a Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some ways the holidays make your furry friend anxious.


New Year’s Eve is often a tough one for our patients. Many dogs and cats are absolutely terrified of fireworks! Keep your pet indoors as much as you can as 2020 finally rolls to a close. Turn a radio or TV on to mask the noise.


Did you know that decorations can stress your pet out? Pets usually pay pretty close attention to any changes in their environment. All those lights and strange objects may upset your furry pal. Fluffy may also be scared of that singing elf decoration, while Fido may be suspicious of the giant reindeer in the yard.


As you probably know, some of our canine patients love traveling and exploring. However, they aren’t unanimous on this. Some pups get carsick, and get very uneasy when they are taken away from their domains. Cats, of course, generally hate travel. Boarding is a safe bet in many cases.

Schedule Disruption

Did you know that dogs and cats both feel safest when they are on a set schedule? Try to minimize changes to Fido and Fluffy’s daily nap/meal/walk/playtime routines.


Some pets see visitors as literally walking opportunities for extra treats and cuddles. Others are very shy, and bolt when the doorbell rings. If you have a nervous pet, your little buddy may get quite distressed if you host a large meal or event. Give your timid pal a quiet, comfy place in an out-of-the-way area. Set them up with bedding, toys, treats, a dim light, and a radio, and let them sleep through the festivities.


Pets can’t tell you if they’re stressed, so it’s important to watch for indications. Some common ones are pacing, hiding, grumpiness, tummy trouble, changes in appetite, nibbling at paws or tails, clinginess, and unusual vocalizations. If you see any of these signs, have your vet check them out, to ensure there isn’t something more going on. Also, just pay some extra attention to your four-legged friend!  As your Carolina Forest, SC animal clinic, we want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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