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Keeping The Cat Out of The Tree

December 1 2020

Do you have a frisky feline for a pet? If so, you may need to keep your kitty in mind as you decorate for the holidays. Fluffy has toppled a few trees! In this article, a local Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some advice on keeping your playful pet out of the tree.


Choosing the right spot may very well be half the battle. Don’t put the tree in a place that is easy for Fluffy to get to. If it’s right next to a desk or sofa, it will be extremely easy for your kitty to wreak havoc! A corner is ideal.


Your frisky furball will be most interested in the ornaments that are easy for her to reach. Therefore, you want to limit the things on the lower branches. Put the majority of your decorations, including most of the tinsel and lights, on the top two-thirds of the tree.


Our feline buddies don’t necessarily obey rules we set for them. However, they do respond to bribery. Give Fluffy some of her gifts early. It’s also a good idea to play with her every day. If you tire her out a bit, she may lose interest in the tree.

Cat Traps (Aka Boxes)

Try distracting the furball. What is one thing that kitties just can’t resist? Empty boxes! Gift bags will also work. Put toys and catnip in them to make them even more tempting.


Use fishing line to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling. This won’t stop Fluffy from pawing at ornaments, but it may help keep the tree upright.

Fake It

Consider getting an artificial tree. Fluffy may still smack some of the ornaments off, but she at least won’t be able to climb it. Plus, you can reuse it!

Desperate Measures

There are certainly many accounts from people putting a screen or puppy gate around the tree. Others have gone a bit further, and tried surrounding the tree with vacuum cleaners. Final resort? A few desperate souls resorted to hanging their trees upside down from the ceiling! Hopefully you won’t have to go that far, but it may be worth a chuckle to see how determined and mischievous our feline pals can be! Happy holiday from all of us here at Waccamaw Animal Hospital, your Carolina Forest, SC veterinary clinic. Call us anytime!

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