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Thanksgiving With Fluffy

November 15 2020

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. Cats are definitely something that we are thankful for. Fluffy’s loving cuddles, silly antics, and adorable quirks all help keep us smiling, and turn our houses into homes. In this article, a Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some advice on keeping your feline buddy safe, happy, and purring this Thanksgiving.


Whether you’re getting together with your extended family or having a quieter celebration, turkey, potatoes, and other classics are likely on the menu. Fluffy can definitely enjoy some special treats! Plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry is always fine, as long as you remember to remove the skin, bones, kitty have garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; pitted fruits; avocado; grapes, currants, or raisins; dairy products; meat on the bone; or raw meat, dough or yeast. 


Some cats are very bold and friendly, and see guests as extra laps to sleep on and more hands to collect ear scritches from. Others are very shy, and will bolt for their favorite hiding spot as soon as the doorbell rings. If your furry little pal is on the timid side, set her up in a quiet spot with food, toys, treats, bedding, and, of course, a litter box. Fluffy will be purrfectly content to just sleep through the festivities. 


Fall is a heavy shedding time, so you may have a bit of extra cleaning to do. You can use a squeegee, rubber gloves, or damp sponge or washcloth to remove pet fur from upholstered furniture. Brushing Fluffy will also help, as you’ll trap that fur with a brush before it gets stuck to your sofa. We also recommend vacuuming thoroughly and changing your air filters. If you’re having guests with allergies over, set out some tissues and OTC allergy meds. 


Cats are very mischievous little furballs. Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get herself into trouble! Keep your pet in mind when decorating. Candles are one concern. You don’t want your kitty sticking her tail too close to the flame! Garlands, candies, plastic wrappers, and anything small or sharp is also unsafe. 

Purr Activation

Kitties really are amazing pets. Do something extra for Fluffy, to brighten up her day. A new toy or bed will definitely get that little motor going. Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your Carolina Forest, SC pet hospital, we’re here to help! 

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