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Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 15 2021

Did you know that January 24th is Change A Pet’s Life Day? Sadly, there are many dogs and cats that desperately need help. That’s the issue behind a new pet holiday. While no one can help every pet in need, there are definitely some ways that you can help change at least one animal’s life. In this article, a local Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian lists some of the ways you can change a pet’s life.


The biggest thing you can do to change a pet’s life? Adopt one! We are always thrilled to see dogs and cats getting wonderful forever homes. You may be surprised at how much having a furry friend can change and improve your life. In fact, many people say that the pets they saved also saved them. Of course, adoption is a big commitment, and isn’t something to be taken lightly. Think hard before proceeding.


If you’re not quite ready for the lifelong commitment that adoption presents, consider fostering. This is a wonderful way to help a pet get ready for their forever home! Pets need fostering for many reasons. Some need medical care, some need training, and some are too young to stay in shelters. Go ahead and ask around. It never hurts to learn more!


Do you know of a pet that is in a bad situation? Don’t be afraid to contact the proper authorities. Helping an innocent animal get out of a negligent or even abusive home won’t change the world, but it will definitely change that pet’s world. Many places allow anonymous tips, which can help people feel more comfortable passing information on without fear of reprisal.


Unfortunately, not all pet owners really understand what their animal companions need. This lack of information and/or misinformation can manifest in many ways, from poor nutrition to improper conditions to lack of medical care. Even sharing informational sites and blog posts may open someone’s eyes … and change their pet’s life.


Another thing you can do is just support animal charities and rescues. It doesn’t matter whether you volunteer, donate goods or money, or just spread the word about animals they have available for adoption. Every little bit counts! Shelters help change pets’ lives every day by facilitating adoptions! Please contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC veterinary clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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