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Things Your Cat Wants for the Holidays

December 15 2018

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget to pick out something for your cat! A local Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some purrfect kitty gift ideas in this article.


There’s no quicker way to brighten up your furball’s day than by offering her catnip. Catnip toys are fine, but you can also offer Fluffy catnip bubbles, or even a small potted plant.


Does your feline buddy love heights? If you really want to spoil your cat, offer her some vertical space. Catwalks are great, but you can also make some kitty shelves for Fluffy to lounge around on.


Canned tuna in water is a great treat for kitties! You can also offer your feline pal canned plain, boneless chicken or salmon.

Scratching Posts

Scratching posts are a must for cats. Fluffy has a deep-seated, instinctive drive to keep her claws in good shape. Just make sure your furry diva’s nail care station doesn’t wobble.

Cat Towers

Kitty towers are very beneficial for Fluffy. They keep her active by encouraging to jump and climb, and offer her both a napping spot and a manicure station. Your furball will also appreciate having a better view of her kingdom and servants.


It probably won’t be much of a surprise to find beds on this list. Fluffy is always on the lookout for new napping spots. These don’t have to be fancy: a soft blanket in a wicker basket will do just fine!

Window Seats

Birdwatching is great fun for Fluffy. Buy or make your kitty some comfy napping spots with great window views.


Toys are a great gift! Your pampered housepet is actually a fierce predator at heart. Pouncing, jumping, and stalking are all natural instincts for Fluffy. They’re also fun for her! Get your frisky feline some cute new playthings to pounce on.

Pet Fountain

Many cats prefer drinking running water. If you often find Fluffy drinking from the faucet, even though her bowl is full, she may like a kitty fountain.

24/7 Cuddles

Many of our feline patients love to snuggle up with their humans. In fact, relaxing, eating, and getting attention are pretty much Fluffy’s life goals. Pay lots of attention to your kitty! Season’s Greetings! As your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, we are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and happy. Contact us anytime.

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