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Cold-Weather Care Tips for Cats

December 1 2016

Cold weather is definitely on the way-make sure your feline friend is prepared to face the chill head-on! Use these tips from a Carolina Forest, SC vet to make sure your cat stays safe, warm, and happy as the weather cools down.

Keep Fluffy Inside

The easiest way to keep your cat safe in cold weather is to keep outdoor time to a minimum. If your feline friend is already an indoor cat, you’re all set! If they venture outdoors, though, you’ll want to keep a close eye on this activity. Only allow your pet out for short periods to avoid the dangers of cold weather; they’ll be safest and most comfortable inside with you and your family.

Bedtime Tips

Take note of where your cat’s bed is located. It’s very easy for a chilly draft to come in by a window or the bottom of a door-your cat can be very uncomfortable if her bed is placed near this area. Try putting your cat’s sleeping area in a warmer spot, and offer a soft, warm blanket for added comfort.

Beware of Antifreeze

Antifreeze is a very dangerous pet toxin, and poisoning is most common during colder weather when the substance is used in motor vehicles. Antifreeze contains a substance called ethylene glycol, a type of alcohol that is very toxic for animals. Even worse, it has a sweet smell and taste that may attract pets! Keep your cat indoors while using antifreeze, and clean up any spills immediately so that your cat doesn’t try to take a sip. Store antifreeze carefully where no pet will be able to gain access.

Avoid Ice

When your cat is outdoors, don’t let them near any patches of ice. These areas may contain road salt or chemical ice-melting products, which you don’t want your cat tracking in on her paws and ingesting later.

Check Your Hood

Cats who spend time outdoors, plus feral cats who live outside, often seek warmth in the wheel wells or engine compartments of parked cars. If you start up your car with a cat still there, disaster may ensue! To prevent this, give your car’s hood a few sharp raps before getting in. This will startle any stowaways into running off before the vehicle is started. Would you like even more great advice on keeping kitty safe when temperatures drop? Contact your Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian.

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