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Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

September 15 2016

Does your dog somehow always manage to hear the rustle of a food wrapper, even when he seems to be sound asleep? Fido has a very keen sense of hearing. Just like people, dogs can develop ear problems or infections. Taking good care of your pup’s ears is very important! Below, a Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses caring for your dog’s ears.


Be sure to keep those adorable ears clean! Generally, you’ll want to use a cotton ball and a cleaning solution. Never use cotton swabs or any sharp objects on or near your furry friend’s ears. You can find ear cleaning solutions at many pet stores, but you’ll want to check with your vet before making a purchase. Some of these products will fight moisture in the ear, while others are formulated to break down wax. It’s important to get the one that is right for your pooch. You’ll also want to get recommendations from your vet on how often to clean Fido’s ears: some dogs need more frequent ear cleanings than others do.


Some groomers will trim or pluck the hair inside a dog’s ears. While this may be beneficial for some dogs, it can potentially be problematic for other pups. Your vet may advise you to put cotton balls in Fido’s ears when bathing him, so he doesn’t get water in his ear canal. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Symptoms of Problems

Ear infections can be both painful and dangerous for our canine buddies. Keep an eye on Fido for potential signs of ear trouble. Discharge, redness, swelling, and foul odors are a few common ones. Your furry pal may also shake his head or paw at his ears if he has ear problems, and may not want his ears touched. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.

Hearing Loss

Dogs can lose their hearing due to age, injury, or infection, or simply for genetic reasons. Man’s Best Friend can do just fine without his hearing, although pups with hearing disabilities have slightly different care needs than other pooches. For instance, you’d want to train Fido to respond to hand commands, rather than vocal commands. Ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for more information. Do you suspect that your dog may have ear problems? Contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC veterinary hospital, anytime!

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