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How a Good Life-Stage Diet Enhances Your Cat’s Health

April 15 2015

Your spunky new kitten Sophie has life all figured out. From her perspective, this striking orange tabby cat just needs a comfy bed, lots of toys, and abundant catnip. However, you’ve added top-notch food to her wish list. Tomorrow, Sophie will see your Myrtle Beach veterinarian for a new patient exam. The vet will also prescribe an appropriate life-stage diet that meets your little cat’s nutritional needs.

Revved-Up Kitten Kibbles

Sophie tears through the house like a peach-colored streak. When she gets tired of running at breakneck speed, she chases her tiny tail and battles with her cat toys. To fuel this frenetic activity, and to support her rapidly developing body, she needs a high-calorie diet with additional servings of quality protein. If she received substandard nutrition, she could become sick or show less-than-ideal development.

Expectant/Nursing Mother Nourishment

When little Sophie’s old enough, you’ll have her spayed so she doesn’t contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. However, you’ll be doing foster cat volunteer work; and you’re likely to meet at least one pregnant female. Since this expectant mother is nourishing herself along with her growing kittens, she requires top-notch food so she can produce enough milk for everyone. Good nutrition also helps her to minimize the risks for certain medical conditions.

Tailored Senior Cat Blend

In the distant future, crazy little Sophie will become a dignified feline senior citizen. When she reaches that respected age, she might face mobility issues and/or be impacted by a chronic medical condition. First, the vet will diagnose and treat her health problem. He’ll consider a nutritional mix that helps to manage her ongoing physical ailment.

Strange Feline Obesity Source

Cats frequently become obese from chowing down on too many calories for their pitiful exercise levels. They can also gain weight from dining on incorrect life-stage food. For example, perhaps middle-aged Sophie has abandoned her regular workout regimen. Instead, she alternates between sleeping and watching the birds all day. If she still consumes her high-calorie kitten kibbles, she’ll gradually pack on unwelcome (and potentially harmful) extra pounds. Throughout Sophie’s life, your Myrtle Beach veterinarian will give her regular physical checkups and address emerging problems. He’ll ensure that she receives the correct life-stage food so she can continue to thrive with your family. To provide your cat with a top-notch diet, contact us for an appointment.

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