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Where Has My Dog’s Appetite Gone?

May 1 2015

Your retriever mix Tucker is the speediest chowhound in town. Even though your canine housemate only weighs sixty pounds, he can empty a chock-full bowl of kibbles faster than a much larger dog. Lately, though, your hearty-eating pooch just picks at his meal before consuming only a few mouthfuls. You’re worried that he’s lacking nutrition, and you also wonder about a developing medical problem. Tomorrow, your Myrtle Beach vet will give your dog a complete physical exam and expert nutritional counseling.

Troubling Dental Problem

If poor Tucker has fallen victim to a painful dental condition, he’s trying to minimize his discomfort by avoiding his food. You might see visible signs of his ailment, such as facial or mouth sores, damaged teeth, or even foreign objects. Don’t attempt to peer into your pooch’s mouth, as he won’t tolerate it and might even become annoyed. Instead, pack your suffering dog off to the vet, who can safely diagnose and resolve his problem. Once your canine housemate feels better, he should be more interested in his meals.

Poor Food Quality

Your pampered pooch has always demanded the best diet available. Since you’ve recently been juggling work and personal commitments, though, you could have missed the latest bag’s expiration date. The kibbles might have even become spoiled or rancid. Tucker would rather go hungry than eat that substandard food.

Excess Treats and Table Scraps

Your food-happy dog is always looking for more. On his daily neighborhood walks, he begs for treats from everyone he meets. During your family’s mealtimes, he circles the dining room, waiting for table fallout and sneaking as many handouts as possible. Unfortunately, your ravenous canine has inhaled so many extra calories that he’s now a portly pooch. He has also lost interest in his own mundane meals.

Better-Tasting Kibbles

Here’s a possible solution: make Tucker’s food so enticing that he can’t resist it. Sprinkle pleasantly warm water over your dog’s kibbles, releasing that heady smell and delightful taste. If the vet gives the green light, mix in some fragrant warmed-up canned contents. However, don’t let your canine companion burn his delicate mouth. Once Tucker migrates back to his food, allow him to eat without distractions. Heap on the praise when he finishes his bowl. If your dog isn’t interested in his meals, contact your Myrtle Beach vet for expert assistance.

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