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Fun Exercise Methods for Your Cat

May 15 2014

Since adult cats aren’t usually as playful as dogs, it can be a little difficult to get them moving for their daily exercise. If you’re having trouble getting your cat active, try these fun methods to get her the exercise she needs.

Play Dates

Do you have a friend or relative with a cat? If they’re friendly, try setting up a playdate for them to meet. If they get along well there’s a good chance the pair will romp around for hours, playing with toys or stalking each other. It will be great exercise and great mental stimulation! Of course, you’ll want to make sure both cats don’t have sharp claws and that they’re both up-do-date on all necessary immunizations.

Jungle Gyms and Cat Trees

Jungle gym structures, widely available at pet supply stores and retail shops, are great for getting cats to move around and have fun. Cats love high perches to survey the area below them, and they’ll love leaping from one platform to another. Many cat trees come with built in scratching posts and toys-ask your Conway vet for a recommendation.

Laser Lights

When you press a button on a laser light toy, it shines a bright red light which many cats love to chase down in vain. Some lights even show the image of an insect or critter, enticing cats even further. They’ll spend oodles of time chasing the light, getting great exercise without even realizing it! Just make sure to avoid shining the light directly in your cat’s eyes; prolonged exposure could cause retinal damage. Don’t leave the light lying on the floor after you’re done playing, either, as some cats could choke on it.

Outdoor Activity

Cats can spend time outdoors, too! Try setting up a small enclosure in your backyard for your cat to spend time in. She may love watching the activity in your backyard and soaking up the sun. Some cats can even go on walks with a cat-specific harness and leash! Ask your Conway veterinarian what other products will be useful for getting your cat to move a bit. Even the most stubborn of feline companions deserve to have a little fun while they’re getting their exercise!

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