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Beach Safety for Cats and Dogs

May 1 2014

Many pets enjoy a day trip to the beach, just like you do! While dogs are the most common animals on the beach, even cats can have a good time. Just make sure they stay safe by using these tips from a Myrtle Beach veterinary professional.

Constantly Supervise

Every moment your pet is on the beach, keep an eye on him. It can only take a moment for a pet to get into mischief, and your constant supervision is the best line of defense. It may be necessary to keep your pet on a leash-especially cats. Also prevent your pet from approaching other patrons of the beach, since not everyone may appreciate your pet the way you do!


There might be an ocean of water in front of you, but that doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t need hydrating. The salt in ocean water will irritate your pet’s stomach and likely only make him thirstier. Bring along fresh water in a bottle or thermos for your pet, and give him a few sips every 15 minutes or so.

Water Safety

While most cats probably won’t venture into the ocean water, many a dog will happily frolic into the waves. Go with your dog when he gets into the shallows, and don’t let him go out too far. Even dogs that are strong swimmers may not be used to the feeling of ocean currents, and dangerous rip tides and deep water are dangers if your pooch ventures too far out.

Sun Safety

While you’re lathering up on sunscreen before your beach stay, don’t forget about your pet! They too can suffer painful burns and blisters from the sun’s harmful rays. Pick up a specially-formulated dog or cat sunscreen from a pet supply store or your vet’s office. These can be applied to exposed areas like your pet’s nose or ear tips. Call your Myrtle Beach veterinarian for a recommendation.

The Rinse-Off

When you leave the beach, don’t forget to rinse your pet off with clean, fresh water. Sand, salt water, and other detritus can lodge in your pet’s fur all too easily, and will irritate your pet’s skin if left there. With a few simple precautionary steps and a keen eye, you can keep your family’s beach day safe and happy for all involved. Ask your veterinarian for even more helpful hints on beach safety!

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