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Dog Photography Day

July 15 2023

July 26th is Dog Photography Day! This is one cause we’re happy to spread the word about. We love seeing pictures of our canine patients. Fido does make a great model, but he isn’t always the easiest to work with. Here, a Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian offers some doggy photography tips. 


Schedule Fido’s modeling session for dusk or dawn, when the light has a golden glow. Cloudy days can also offer good ambient lighting.

Go Manual

Autofocus may simplify things, but it doesn’t always offer the best result when it comes to doggy photography. Try working with manual settings. A blurred background may really make that casual shot pop!


You can get cute shots of Fido if you’re looking down on him from above. However, you may find that kneeling or sitting down, so that you can snap from his eye level, gets you better results.


You probably won’t get a great picture of a white dog against a snowbank, or a black pooch standing in a shadowy area. Choose a place where Fido’s coat contrasts with the background.


This one definitely comes with caveats. If your pooch is laid-back and willing, you may be able to get an adorable picture of him in a hat, tie, or costume. However, never force your furry pal to wear clothes. If you do put an outfit on Fido, don’t leave it on him any longer than necessary, and definitely don’t leave him unattended.


The modern smartphone is equipped with a plethora of different photo settings and editing options. Look through and see what you have. You can also try downloading some pet photo apps. Some of these make noise to attract Fido’s attention. Others remove redeye, or keep the focus right on that furry face.


Dogs have remarkably expressive eyes. Make sure that you’re getting that sweet soulful look! Try holding up a squeaky toy to get Fido to look at you.


Does Fido get nervous or excited when you get too close? You may find the zoom setting helps get that close up.

Keep At It

Make a habit of snapping Fido’s pic in various spots, settings, and poses. You may find yourself getting an absolutely amazing photo when you least expect it!

As your Carolina Forest, SC pet hospital, we’re dedicated to offering ‘pawesome’ veterinary care. Please contact us anytime!

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