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Cat Care Mistakes

May 15 2023

Kitties have been very popular pets and companions for several centuries now. One of the definite pros of choosing Fluffy for a pet is the fact that she is quite self-sufficient and easy to care for. However, your little ball of fur isn’t quite as independent or invincible as she thinks. Actually, cats are quite small and fragile, and they are vulnerable to illness and injury. A local Carolina Forest, SC vet lists a few kitty care ‘faux paws’ in this article.

Leaving Kitty Outside

We can’t overstate the importance of this one. Cats are just much safer indoors, where they aren’t exposed to things like weather, traffic, and wild animals. Instead of letting Fluffy out, offer her a catio or a cozy window seat. If she’s bold and fearless, you may also want to consider walking her on a leash.

Skipping The Vet

Fluffy would probably rather stay home and take her 23rd nap of the day than come into the office, but she’ll definitely feel much healthier with proper care. Most adult cats should see their doctors about once a year, but some kitties may need more or less frequent visits. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Our feline pals aren’t purrfect: Fluffy may have a few undesirable habits, such as scratching or knocking things off counters. Don’t punish your furry pal for mishaps. Instead, guide her behavior by providing positive reinforcement when she is behaving herself.

Lack Of Entertainment

Your furry little friend may spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping, but she can’t snooze all the time. Kitties need entertainment and stimulation to truly thrive! Offering toys and kitty furniture are simple but pretty much foolproof ways to keep that motor going. Fluffy will also appreciate things like boxes and newspaper tunnels.

Ignoring Warning Signs

Cats can be secretive, so it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of illness. Some of these include vomiting, hiding, weight gain or loss, increased thirst, hiding, respiratory issues, poor fur condition, discharge, uncharacteristic meowing or aggression, and changes in behavior. Contact your vet immediately if you notice anything off.

Not Petproofing

Never underestimate Fluffy’s penchant for mischief. Make your home safe by keeping potential hazards, such as toxic plants, out of paws’ reach. Ask your vet for tips.

Do you have questions about cat care? Contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC animal clinic, anytime!

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