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5 Things You Learn When You Adopt a Shelter Cat

June 1 2020

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Many of our feline patients were once shelter cats, but are now happy, healthy, beloved pets. We believe that all kitties deserve loving homes. However, kitties in shelters are truly desperate for someone to adopt and love them. If you’re ready to adopt a cat, please consider giving a shelter kitty a second chance at happiness by giving her a great forever home. Adopting one of these sweet furballs may very well be life-changing for both you and Fluffy! A Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some things you learn when you adopt a shelter cat below.

All Kitties Are Unique

If there is one thing we know about cats, it’s that they are all individual characters, with their own quirks and habits. Even if you’ve had kitties all your life, Fluffy will find a way to surprise you and make you laugh with her own cute habits and mannerisms. That’s just one way that our furry friends keep us smiling and entertained!

Kitty Love Is Special

Our feline pals may have tried very hard to make us think of them as cold, aloof killers. Sorry, Fluffy, we know better! Cats actually form very strong bonds with their humans. In fact, they view us sort of as their parents. The companionship, love, and friendship between people and kitties are truly beautiful and special gifts.

Fluffy Can Melt Hearts

Cats are very cute, so it’s really not surprising that we can quickly become smitten with them. One look into Fluffy’s adorable furry face, and you may find that she’s already left pawprints on your heart!

Cats Are Hilarious

While many pets are amusing, our feline companions may very well be the comedy kings of the animal world. Fluffy somehow manages to be funniest when she’s trying to be serious, such as when she’s ‘stalking’ that mysterious red dot or batting at a catnip mouse. We’re certainly not complaining. Laughter is good for the soul!

Purrs Are Magic

Petting or hugging a vibrating kitty is a great way to put a smile on people’s faces. There’s really something special about what happens when Fluffy starts her little engine. That’s the magic of cats! As your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, we are dedicated to offering excellent veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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