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Cooling Vests For Fido

May 15 2020

Summer is here! As temperatures rise, overheating becomes a big concern for dog owners. Fido can’t sweat, and he is wearing a fur coat, so he’s always in danger of heat stroke or heat exhaustion on scorching days. One thing that may help keep your four-legged pal cool and comfy is the cooling vest. A Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some information on these below.

What Dogs Need Vests?

Cooling vests are often found on working dogs, sporting dogs, and show dogs. However, they’re also becoming popular for pets, especially those that live in hot climates. It’s worth noting that some pups are at higher risk of overheating than others. Brachycephalic pooches, such as pugs and boxers, are always in danger here, because their short air passages make it hard for them to cool themselves by panting. Ask your vet if your canine pal should have one.

How They Work

There are actually a few different types of cooling vests. Gel vests actually absorb heat. Some of these require cooling or freezing. Others use water, almost like a wearable waterbed. A third type uses evaporation. These must be soaked before you put them on your pooch. You can also get collars that you can put ice cubes in.


Sizing is sometimes an issue with these, as it may not be possible to put the device on your pup before buying it. Get your furry pal’s measurements, and go by that, instead of just guestimating. Of course, you’ll also need to consider Fido’s opinion. If your dog doesn’t seem to like the vest, don’t force him to wear it. Look into a cooling bed or mat, or simply hose him down. Or, go the DIY route and put a wet bandana around your pet’s neck.

Red Flags

Vest or no vest, always keep a close eye out for red flags that your canine pal is overheating. Some things to look for are heavy breathing, drooling, red tongue and gums, elevated pulse, respiratory issues, tremors, and vomiting. By the time you see these warning sides, Fido may already be in danger, so you’ll need to act quickly. Immediately give your dog water and get him to a cool area. Then, contact your vet for further instructions. Please contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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