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Playing With a Senior Cat

April 15 2020

Is your kitty entering her senior years? Fluffy may not be the little bundle of zoom that she used to be. However, she will still benefit from regular play sessions. Jumping and pouncing is not only lots of fun for your furball, it’s also good for her, both mentally and physically. (Plus, it’s cute to watch.) Here, a Carolina Forest, SC vet offers tips on playing with senior cats.

Make It Routine

Kitties are definitely creatures of habit. If you pay attention, you may notice that Fluffy has her own set schedule for naps, grooming, meals, and following you around. Try to play with her daily, and at roughly the same time.

Choose A Safe Spot

Kittens are furry little daredevils, who often have no qualms about jumping, leaping, and sometimes, climbing our legs. Older felines are much slower, and aren’t quite as agile. Play with Fluffy on a carpeted surface. She’ll be able to get better traction, and will have a softer surface to land on.

Don’t Worry About Overdoing It

Dogs strive to please their owners, and will often push themselves for their human pals. Cats? Not so much. You definitely don’t have to worry about overexerting Fluffy. As soon as your furball gets the least bit tired, she’ll stop playing, and turn her attention to a more pressing matter: napping.

Make It Challenging

One reason that play is so good for older cats is that it offers them beneficial mental stimulation. Fluffy has to concentrate to time those pounces just right! That focus is great for your furball’s mind. It’s almost like a kitty version of doing a crossword puzzle. Use toys that you can control, and make it challenging for your pet. Just remember to let your kitty ‘catch’ her prey sometimes. Otherwise, she may get discouraged.

Choose Senior-Friendly Toys

As Fluffy ages, her taste in toys may change. She may prefer softer toys, or ones that light up or make noise. Experiment a bit, and see what she likes best.

Enjoy The Purr

Kitties know when their humans do something for their benefit. Don’t be surprised if your furball wants to show her appreciation by cuddling up with you after playtime is over! Then again, Fluffy may just ignore you. With cats, you never know. Please contact us, your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!

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