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Hug Your Dog Day

April 1 2020

There’s a pretty adorable doggy holiday around the corner. April 10th is Hug Your Dog Day! Our canine pals are very loyal and affectionate, and deserve to feel loved every day. There are a few things to keep in mind when hugging dogs, however. A Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses hugging Fido in this article.

Reasons To Hug Dogs

We could really go on and on about why dogs deserve hugs. Our canine companions offer us unconditional love and friendship, and stay by our sides through all of life’s ups and downs. There have been numerous cases of dogs helping humans, and even saving lives. Dogs have also guarded our properties, helped us herd cattle, and been our hunting, fishing, and camping buddies. Last but not least, they’re super cute!

Benefits Of Hugs

As it turns out, hugging your dog will benefit both you and Fido. Hugs will help your pet feel loved, which will strengthen the bond between you. In fact, cuddling with your pooch will release a hormone called oxytocin in both of you. Oxycotin-also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ or the ‘love hormone’-is released during childbirth and when moms breastfeed their babies. It’s associated with comfort and bonding.

Tips For Hugging Dogs

Some dogs are simply more cuddly than others are. While some pups are lap dogs who want to stick close to their humans 24/7, others get uneasy when they’re being hugged. There actually is a good reason for this. In doggy ‘language,’ hugs translate to a sign of domination. Your furry buddy probably won’t mind if you hug him, especially if you’re also talking gently to him and offering ear scritches and praise. Some pooches clearly enjoy getting hugs from their humans. However, you never hug a strange dog, or one that seems uncomfortable.

Dogs That Need Hugs

If your dog is already getting lots of hugs (as well as toys, treats, and belly rubs) then that’s great! It’s very important to make sure your pup feels loved. Unfortunately, there are many dogs out there that are still desperately hoping for someone to adopt them and hug them. Consider doing something for these pooches. You can make a donation to a local shelter, or even volunteer. Even spreading posts on social media will help! Please contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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