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Holiday Gifts for Kittens

December 1 2017

Do you have a kitten? Congratulations! You’re certainly bound for some super cute moments during the holidays! This is also a great time for you to get little Fluffy some special things of her own. Read on as a local Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some great holiday gifts for kittens.


Kittens are basically tiny, fluffy little bundles of mischief. Little Fluffy will spend quite a bit of time practicing her hunting skills, and trying to sort out how her claws and teeth work. Offer your adorable pet plenty of fun toys to play with!

Circuit Cat Toys

Circuit toys are sort of like toy racetracks for mechanical mice. These are great for frisky kitties!


We all know that our feline friends are rather sleepy in general, but did you know that kittens sleep even more than older cats? As it turns out, cats’ bodies release growth hormones during sleep. Little Fluffy could spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing! Get your cute pet some comfy beds to snuggle up in.

Activity Center

Cat towers are great for our feline friends. They offer little Fluffy a manicure station, napping spot, and jungle gym. Look for a fun activity center model that incorporates fun toys.

Scratching Post

Teach little Fluffy good manicure habits from the start by getting her a good scratching post. Remember to reward your kitten for using it by giving her treats and praise near it.


Kitties don’t respond to catnip until they are about three months old, so if your pet is younger than this, hold off on the catnip, and stick with other kitty toys for now. However, if your furball is old enough, get her some catnip toys, or perhaps some catnip bubbles.

Robotic Mice

Robotic mice are another fun gift for frisky kitties. These smart toys will react to little Fluffy’s movements and vocalizations, keeping her active, entertained, and happy.

Mechanical Fish

Did you know that you can buy your furball mechanical fish? These automated playthings will float and move in a bowl of water.


There are quite a few apps you can download for little Fluffy to play on your phone or tablet. Some kitties really love catching digital mice! Please do not hesitate to contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC pet hospital, for all your kitten’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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