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How to Give Your Pooch a Pill

June 15 2017

It’s a safe bet that you’ll have to give your dog a pill at one point or another. Of course, this is easier said than done! Read on as your Carolina Forest, SC veterinary professional gives you a few tips on giving your pooch a pill.

Hide Pill in Food

Check with your veterinarian to see if your dog’s pill medication can be safely given with food. If so, you’re in luck. Try stuffing the pill into the center of a glob of wet dog food, a soft dog treat, or a roll of lean deli meat or cheese. Unless your dog is extremely picky, he’s likely to gobble up the morsel without ever realizing he’s also taken his medicine!

Crushing or Grinding

Sometimes, you’ll be able to crush or grind your dog’s pill, allowing you to sprinkle it over or stir it into your canine companion’s normal dog food. Always ask your veterinarian before doing this, however-it’s possible that crushing or grinding a pill will render it ineffective. Even worse, a timed-release capsule might introduce too much medicine at once if it’s crushed, potentially resulting in a dangerous overdose!

The Tossing Trick

Does your dog like to catch treats in mid-air? You can try using this to make pill administration easier. Gather a few dog treats in one hand and your dog’s pill in the other. Toss a few treats, then the pill, and then another treat. If you’re lucky, Fido won’t notice the difference!

Chewable Pills

Did you know that various types of medication, as well as vitamins and dietary supplements, now come in chewable and/or flavored versions? They’re made to taste like dog treats or cooked meat, enticing your dog into gobbling them right up. Ask your veterinarian if your dog’s pills might come in a chewable or flavored variety.

Manual Administration

If the above methods don’t work on your dog, you’ll have to administer the pill manually. Gently pry open your dog’s mouth with one hand and place the pill far back on the tongue. Close your dog’s jaws and massage the throat in a downward motion; this should stimulate swallowing. It might take some doing, but over time your dog will swallow his medication like a pro! If you need help administering your dog’s medications, don’t hesitate to call your Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian. We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs!

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