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Valentine’s Day Pet Hazards

February 1 2016

Love is in the air-Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! As is the case with most holidays, there are several pet hazards to be aware of this time of year. Your Myrtle Beach, SC vet tells you more below.


Of course, chocolate is very bad for pets. It’s one of the most common pet hazards during Valentine’s Day, as treats and truffles float around more than ever this time of year. Chocolate of all types contains theobromine and caffeine, two chemicals that pets should never ingest. Without treatment, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, coma, and even death can occur in pets who eat too much. Always keep chocolates far out of your pet’s reach.


Many candies, gums, and baked goods are sweetened with an artificial sugar called xylitol. While xylitol is safe for humans to eat, it’s highly toxic to our four-legged friends. As little as a few pieces of candy or sticks of gum is enough to cause serious problems! Keep candies and gums off of countertops and tables where pets may be able to swipe them down.


Will your Valentine’s Day celebrations include alcoholic beverages? Remember not to let your pet imbibe. Alcohol affects animals the same way it affects humans-because pets are so much smaller and have no tolerance, however, it only takes small amounts to result in organ damage and other serious health concerns. Keep a close eye on all wine, liquor, beer, and champagne.

Festive Flowers

Have you received a festive holiday bouquet this year? Make sure it doesn’t include lilies if you own a cat. Did you know that most varieties of lilies are highly toxic to our feline friends, and may harm dogs as well? Also beware of roses; they’re not toxic, but they can contain sharp thorns that may cut a pet’s mouth or even puncture the intestinal lining when swallowed.


Setting up candles to affect a romantic holiday mood? Remember that pets can easily burn themselves on an open flame. They’re also likely to knock unsecure candles over, spilling hot wax and potentially even starting a fire! Place candles with caution, and make sure pets won’t be able to gain access to them. With a few simple precautions, you can keep your pet safe and sound on Valentine’s Day and avoid a pet emergency. Contact your Myrtle Beach, SC animal hospital for more holiday safety tips.

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