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Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

July 1 2015

Just as you feel your best when you’re clean and well-groomed, your dog is at his finest when his coat is smooth and shiny. Use these tips from your Myrtle Beach, SC to keep your dog’s fur and skin in tip-top shape.

Proper Diet

What goes into your dog is very important for how he looks on the outside. The proper balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs, and proteins is essential for keeping your dog’s skin healthy and the fur well-moisturized. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a high-quality canine diet that is specially formulated for your dog’s age, breed, and overall health.

Regular Brushing

Most dogs benefit from daily or weekly brushing sessions as part of their regular grooming regimen. Not only does brushing remove loose fur, get rid of any detritus in the coat, and untangle painful mats, it helps spread essential skin oils throughout the fur to keep it healthy, smooth, and shiny! Pick up a dog brush from a pet supply store, retail outlet, or your veterinarian’s office, and ask your veterinarian how often you should brush your canine companion.

Occasional Bathing

The occasional bath can also help keep the skin and fur clean, and it’s necessary if your dog ever gets into something smelly or sticky. Don’t overdo bathing, though-it can actually backfire, drying out the skin and hair, if done too frequently. When you do bathe your dog, be sure to use a canine-formulated shampoo, as human shampoo may be too strong for your pet’s sensitive skin. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a high-quality canine shampoo.

Special Hair-Care Products

Some dogs, especially those with particularly long or thick coats, may benefit from additional hair-care products, like canine moisturizers, conditioners, or finishing sprays. Always consult your veterinary professional before using special hair-care products on your pooch.

Veterinary Visits

Of course, regular visits to your veterinarian’s office are essential for keeping your dog’s fur, skin, and overall health in top form. Your vet can recommend further tips for maintaining your dog’s great coat quality in the long term and tell you about products and techniques to use if your dog has special grooming requirements. If your dog’s coat looks unusually dry or dull, parasites or an internal health problem could be to blame. You’ll want to get your veterinarian’s opinion, so set up an appointment at your Myrtle Beach, SC veterinarian’s office right away.

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