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Simple Senior Cat Care Guidelines

February 15 2015

Your twelve-year-old cat Dolly loves being a feline senior citizen. She especially enjoys the respect she gets from the rest of your furry housemates. Even with her elevated status, though, your playful cat still rolls around on the floor with her cat toys. She also appreciates belly rubs and daily lap time. Since you’d like your senior girl to remain healthy, your veterinarian Myrtle Beach will prescribe a special senior care program for your cat.

Senior-Focused Feline Nutrition

Senior cats’ metabolisms and weights can change considerably as they age. While Dolly has gained some weight, your sister’s older cat has actually lost weight as he has gotten older. Good thing your vet can give your elder cat some expert nutritional counseling . First, he’ll analyze your feline housemate’s nutritional needs and activity level. Next, he’ll recommend a nutritionally complete diet that helps your cat maintain a normal weight. Closely track your cat’s weight, using a scale that displays even tiny changes. If she suddenly drops weight, she could be developing a medical problem. Get her to the vet immediately.

Regular Brushing Sessions

Dolly has always prided herself on her beautifully groomed white coat. To maintain her good looks, your cat has committed to daily brushing sessions, mostly in your lap. While she closes her eyes in bliss, you collect loose hair that could lead to hairballs. Brushing also stimulates your cat’s skin and heightens her circulation. These benefits help to make her shiny coat healthier. If your cat has donated her scratching post to the animal shelter, make sure you clip her claws regularly.

Mini-Medical Exam

While your cat gets a good brushing, gently move your hands over her coat and skin. If you feel something unusual, ask your vet to check out your feline companion’s symptoms.

Low-Stress Lifestyle

Keep your elderly cat’s stress level to a minimum. If you disrupt her routine with a move or remodeling project, calm her with some extra attention. If you’ve scheduled a vacation or business trip, recruit a familiar friend, relative, or neighbor to care for your senior cat in their home. Finally, per Dolly’s wishes, don’t bring any more pets home while she’s the boss. During Dolly’s twice-yearly checkups, your veterinarian Myrtle Beach will adjust your cat’s senior health program. To provide your senior cat with top-notch care, contact us for an appointment.

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