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Angel’s February Dental Special

February 13 2015

Growing up as a kid, we NEVER brushed our pets teeth. Never thought of it, or even could have imagined it. But guess what? Looking back on my beloved furry childhood playmates, I distinctly remember their horrible breath and nasty yellow build up on their teeth.  Their mouths were pretty much NO GO ZONES. Out of sight, out of mind…right? Well NOW, what you and I both have learned, is that the bad breath was literally the decay caused by rampant infection. And it was probably a constant pain and discomfort to my little guy (and bless their hearts as they are so amazing at not showing pain as a weakness).  And the PROBLEM is that every day/week/month that this issue is not solved, it gets worse and worse, creating permanent pain, rot, and dental damage. So in memory of my little childhood pet, Angel (and to assuage my guilt that he did not get the dental care I now know he needed), you can take advantage of Angel’s February Dental Special. For FREE ($49 value) you can book a dental check up for a top to bottom dental exam. We’ll review everything to ensure you know exactly your pet’s current dental status. For the month of February we are offering $99 dental cleanings and will let you know if this will benefit your pet. We’ll also share with you several excellent at home tips you can use to prevent the progress of such painful disease in their mouths. HOWEVER… because this is FREE (and we can’t get overwhelmed), there are only limited appointment slots, so call 843-248-2752 AS SOON AS YOU READ THIS POST to reserve your pet’s FREE Dental Check Up ($49 Value). This will put your niggling feeling of letting something go (and having it worsen) rather than nipping it in the bud… and together we will be able to prevent the potential progress of this permanent destructive disease. So be sure call 843-248-2752 right now to reserve your FREE Dental Check Up, as spots will be limited and they tend to fill up almost instantly! Talk soon, Dr. Randy & the “Pet Crazy” team at Waccamaw Veterinary Hospital P.S.  If you and I do feel your pet’s teeth need greater help, there is an additional 10% off all dental procedures only during Angel’s February Dental special. So if your pet has bad breath, make sure you call 843-248-2752 right now to grab one of the remaining FREE Dental Check Ups (normally $49) as you don’t want to miss this perfect opportunity to stop its progress for good! Thanks and good luck reserving your appointment.

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