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10 Tips for a Well-Behaved Dog

January 15 2015

Man’s Best Friend is loyal, brave, loving, smart, funny and very cute, but he isn’t perfect, any more than we are. Much of how dogs behave depends on how their owners interact with them. Even the most loving owner can unknowingly foster a few bad manners in their canine buddies. Here, your veterinarian Myrtle Beach offers some great tips for a well-mannered, obedient dog.

Start Young

It’s much easier to nip a bad habit in the bud than to try and re-train an older dog. Start training Fido when he’s young.

Be Consistent

When it comes to reinforcement, inconsistency is often worse than doing nothing at all! If you don’t want Fido on the couch, address his behavior every single time you find your canine buddy on the sofa.

Positive Reinforcement

While it may be tempting to yell at your dog for eating your shoe, positive tactics are a much better approach. Punishing your dog may only frighten or confuse him. Instead, use praise and treats for good behavior.


Exercise will help Fido burn off extra energy, which otherwise might be used in destructive or undesirable behaviors. A few good daily walks will help keep your furry buddy relaxed and calm.

Train Happy

Don’t try to train your dog at a time when you are feeling sad, stressed, or angry. Your loyal pal will pick up on your emotions, and it could sour the session for him.

Socialize Fido Early

Dogs that have not been properly socialized as puppies are far more likely to develop undesirable traits, such as aggression and destructive behaviors. Socializing should really be done when your dog is a puppy, so put the time in while your pal is a furry toddler.

Don’t Punish Fido’s Nature

Some of the things dogs do that are categorized as bad behavior are instinctive behaviors or reactions to fear or anxiety. Understand the root cause of your pup’s transgressions, and don’t punish him for natural reactions.

It’s All In The Name

Never use your dog’s name when you are reprimanding him. Call him by name only in positive manner, and with a happy tone.

Avoid Confusion

Trying to teach a dog too many commands at once, or you may just end up confusing your pup.


Fido will adore you for taking good care of him and obliging his requests for tummy rubs or ear scratches. You’ll see his unconditional love for you in those puppy-dog eyes and that wagging tail. The tighter the bond between you and your dog, the more eager he will be to please you. Please visit our website here for more articles from your vet Myrtle Beach.

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