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Kitty’s Pet Peeves

January 1 2015

We are all subject to getting annoyed once in a while. Fingernails on chalkboards, aggressive drivers, or certain songs are a few things that may make you grit your teeth or grumble a bit. Did you know that your feline friend has a few ‘pet peeves’ of her own? In this article, your vet Conway lists some things that really get under your furball’s skin … er, fur.

Dirty Bathrooms

No one likes to use a dirty bathroom, and our feline friends are no exception. Dirty, stinky litter boxes are even more unpleasant to cats’ sensitive noses than they are to ours! Keep your furball’s lavatory clean by scooping daily and changing the entire box out regularly.

Loud Noises

Cats are very rarely, if ever, nonchalant about commotion. Even the calmest kitty may scramble for cover in a closet or under the bed when things get really noisy. We know, you can’t stop the noise from road construction crews or repairmen, and you or a family member may absolutely love playing drums. Just be aware that Fluffy will probably hightail it into a closet until things settle down, and may need some extra attention and cuddles afterwards.

Unwanted Attention

Kitties are quite esoteric when it comes to being petted, and every one of our feline friends is a bit different. Some cats want all your attention, all the time, while others really could care less if you pet them or not, as long as they get fed. One thing that many kitties do have in common is a dislike for being petted when they’re not in the mood … even if they were in the mood ten seconds ago. Watch for laid-back ears, tail swishing, and meows of protest.

Old Food

Kitties tend to be very meticulous about hygiene, and this applies to their eating habits as well. Your furball will likely turn her nose up at any food that smells even the slightest bit off. Clean Fluffy’s dish daily, especially if she gets wet food.

Being Ignored

Some cats just won’t tolerate being ignored. Fluffy doesn’t care if you’re balancing checkbooks, doing homework, or reading. She wants to be petted! Kitty may nudge your hand, jump onto your lap, or even smack you if she wants attention. Humor your furball by letting her sit on your lap while you work, pick her up for a quick cuddle, or play with her for a few minutes. Do you have any questions about your cat’s care or behavior? Please contact us any time. As your vet clinic Conway, we are here to help with all of your pet care needs. Click here for more pet care articles.

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