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Exercising Your Dog Indoors

October 15 2014

Does your dog sometimes seem a bit too excitable? If so, he may need more exercise. Physical activity is very important to dogs’ health and general well-being. Making sure your dog gets enough exercise will help him stay healthy and happy, and will burn off some of that excess bounciness. Dogs that get enough exercise are also much less prone to behavioral issues, such as digging. With the weather cooling, soon it may not be as pleasant to take a long stroll with your furry buddy or bring him to a park. There are still ways to help your canine pal burn off some energy indoors. Read on for a few tips from your veterinarian Conway.


Treadmills are a great way for you to work out at home, and can also be lots of fun for Fido. Believe it or not, many dogs enjoy treadmills. You’ll need to supervise your furry pal, especially at first, until he gets the hang of it. Start by letting Fido get accustomed to the sound and smell of the treadmill when it’s running. Give him treats near the machine, so he associates it with good things. You can then try placing him on it. You’ll want to make sure the machine is on its lowest speed. As a precaution, never ever tie your pup to the treadmill.


Running Fido up and down stairs can provide a great workout in a fairly short amount of time. If your dog loves to fetch, you can incorporate stair runs into this favorite doggy game by standing at the top of the steps and throwing something down to the bottom for him to grab and carry back to you. It probably won’t take long for your pup to tire himself out.


Having your dog chase after a laser pointer can get him a wonderful workout in just a few minutes. Make sure to reward him with a treat at the end of the session, so he gets his reward for his diligent work in hunting down that elusive red dot. You can also get Fido a good bit of exercise fairly quickly by playing fetch with various toys. As your vet clinic Conway, we are here to answer all your questions, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime. Please click here for more articles on dog care and behavior.

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