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Giving Your Kitten a Bath

June 15 2014

Even if you don’t plan on giving your cat regular baths throughout her life, it’s a good idea to get her acclimated to bathing early on as a kitten. That way, if she ever gets into something smelly or needs a bath for any reason, she’ll be prepared! Learn how below from a Conway vet.

Get Your Supplies

First, gather everything you’ll need at the bathtub or sink. A large towel, specially-formulated feline shampoo, an empty cup or jug, and some cat treats should do the trick. You may also want to lay a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub or sink-this is helpful for your kitten to keep her footing.

Stand Kitten in Water

Once you’ve got your supplies, fill the bottom of the tub or sink with about two inches of lukewarm water. Put your kitten in the water, standing up, so just the paws get wet. Use plenty of verbal praise or a few treats to keep your kitty calm at this stage. If she seems very uncomfortable or upset, remove her and try again later.

Wet Down

Once your kitten is comfortable standing in the water, gently pour lukewarm water over her body from your cup or jug. Take care to avoid getting water in the face area. Focus on the neck down to the tail for now.


Now you’re ready to wash your kitten’s fur. Dab a small amount of the cat shampoo onto the coat and massage it in with your fingers, working your way through the fur. Gently shampoo her head, carefully avoiding the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Remember to keep your cat calm with a soothing voice and plenty of verbal praise.

Rinse and Dry

Your kitten’s bath is now almost complete. Rinse her off thoroughly with your cup-you don’t want any remnants of the shampoo left in the coat, as it can irritate the skin. Warp your kitten up in the large towel and dry her thoroughly. Don’t forget to slip her a few more treats for a job well done! If you have further questions or would like a demonstration of the proper bathing procedure, don’t hesitate to contact your Conway veterinarian .

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