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Removing a Tick from Your Dog

March 1 2014

When your dog comes in from the great outdoors and you notice a tick embedded in his skin, it’s up to you to safely remove and dispose of it. Read on as your Myrtle Beach vet tells you how.

Prepare Alcohol Container

Before removing the tick, you need to prepare a container to put it in after you’ve removed it from your dog’s skin. Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a small jar. Ticks are very resilient, and will survive being flushed or thrown away in the garbage. The alcohol will kill the tick and save the pest in case your vet needs to examine it later.

Gather Supplies

Get a pair of latex gloves to wear-this will prevent any direct contact with you, the tick itself, and the bite area. Grab a pair of tweezers, have your rubbing alcohol close by, and you’re ready to begin.

Remove Tick

After putting a small amount of the alcohol on the bite area, grasp the tick with the tweezers as close to your dog’s skin as possible. Pull straight outward, applying even pressure. Don’t jerk the tick or twist it around, as this can cause the tick’s mouth parts to stay embedded in your dog’s skin. In some cases, a tick’s mouth parts can stay in your dog’s skin even if you have used the proper technique. Try applying a warm cloth to the area to get rid of the pincers, or call your veterinarian.

Disinfect Bite Area

Once the tick has been removed and placed in your alcohol jar, gently apply some alcohol to the bite area to disinfect it. Remove your gloves, wash your hands, and disinfect your tweezers with alcohol.

Monitor Bite Area

Over the next few days or even weeks, keep a close eye on the site of the tick bite. If you see any redness, inflammation, or any other unusual symptoms, call your Myrtle Beach veterinarian immediately . Remember to keep the tick in the alcohol without getting rid of it until you’re sure your dog isn’t displaying any symptoms.

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