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Reasons To Love Black Cats

October 1 2023

October is Black Cat Awareness Month! Black cats really do need some extra attention. They often have a much harder time getting adopted than other kitties! This is very unfair, as black cats are just as sweet and lovable as kitties of any other color. We’re more than happy to give our feline friends a much-needed signal boost! A local Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some reasons to love black cats in this article. 

The Numbers Are Against Them

The numbers here clearly reflect the struggle black cats have to get adopted. One study showed that they have the highest rate of euthanasia and the lowest rate of adoptions of all felines. Black cats also make up a significant portion of the cats in shelters at any given time. In fact, as many as 33 percent of cats that are taken into shelters have black fur. It will also take Fluffy, on average, about 24 percent longer to get adopted in comparison to other kitties. (Gray and orange cats were second and third least popular.)

They’ve Suffered From Bad PR

You’ve likely heard of the old superstitions about black cats being both unlucky and associated with witches. There’s no truth to those old wives’ tales. However, these old myths have proved to be quite persistent. They go all the way back to medieval times! Even today, about 13 percent of Americans consider black kitties unlucky. Fortunately for Fluffy, those misconceptions aren’t universal. In fact, black cats are considered good luck in some places. Another bright note? 

They Take Adorable Photos

One reason black cats are so much fun? You can take ‘void kitty’ photos, where nothing shows of Fluffy but her eyes. Sadly, not everyone finds this charming as we do. In fact, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has reported black cats were often returned to shelters because they didn’t photograph well in selfies!

They’re Sweet

To be fair, all of our feline pals have their own personalities, and some are just more affectionate than others. That said, black cats do tend to be quite sweet and affectionate.

They Match Everything

Black cats go with any outfit or décor. Plus, Fluffy’s coat usually looks very shiny and healthy. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward pet that always puts her best paw forward, consider adopting a black kitty! 

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