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Caring For An Anxious Cat

February 15 2022

Do you have a scaredy cat? While many of our feline friends are absolutely fearless—and quite a few of them are a bit too fearless for their own good—this isn’t always the case. There are also quite a few timid kitties out there! A local Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses caring for an anxious cat below.

Veterinary Care

You’ll want to make sure that Fluffy isn’t acting jittery because of a health issue. Be sure to keep up with your kitty’s care needs!

Safe Spaces

Kitties are quite small, and they often feel safest in small, secure spaces. Fluffy will appreciate having a few spots she can retreat to if she feels unsafe. Kitty condos are great for this! Some cats also feel safer in small spaces, so you may want to get your furry pal a cat tower with an enclosed space. Boxes and paper grocery bags with the handles cut off can also be great hiding spots. Even a space under a bed or behind a couch will suffice!


Making sure that Fluffy has a chance to burn off her excess energy is very important. Offer your feline friend lots of toys, and play with her regularly. Nailing that tricky jump/pounce combo can be a great confidence booster for a timid kitty!

Kitty Calming Products

Another thing that may help are pet-calming products. Many of these contain synthetic ‘happy’ pheromones, which can help soothe Fluffy. Just be sure to follow instructions carefully. Ask your vet for more information.


Did you know that boredom can be a source of stress for kitties? Make sure that Fluffy has plenty of things to occupy herself with. Give her some pet-safe plants to nibble on, and offer her a spot before a window with a good view. Background music can also help.

Stress-Free Life

Do you have more than one pet? Fluffy may be feeling bullied or jealous. Make sure you have plenty of resources, such as water bowls and litterboxes.


Last but certainly not least, pay lots of attention to your feline pal. If Fluffy doesn’t like being held, don’t force her: just talk to her and rub her head if she likes it. Make sure she feels loved and safe.

Please reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Carolina Forest, SC animal clinic, we’re here for you.

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