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Traveling With Your Pet

January 1 2022

Happy New Year! Are you making plans to travel this year? If so, you may want to make arrangements for your pet. Or, you may decide to take Fluffy and Fido with you. It’s becoming more and more common for people to travel with their furry friends. Read on as a local Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some pet travel safety tips.


Before going on a trip with your pet, make sure that they are microchipped, wearing ID tags, and are current on vaccinations and parasite control. You might need to show these records, so bring copies with you. (Tip: take photos of them and email them to yourself, so you can access them from online anywhere.)


Keep in mind that some places have specific requirements for pets. For instance, you may need to show that Fido has had a rabies shot within a certain time frame of your trip. Do your research! This goes double for those going out of the country.


Before leaving, make sure that your pet is welcome at your destination. This is one area you don’t want any misunderstandings or miscommunications on! For instance, some pet-friendly places only allow small dogs, while others may only accept cats. Be sure to check fees as well.


Pets should always travel crated. Make sure that Fluffy or Fido’s crate is sturdy, secure, and, of course, comfortable. Adding bedding and toys will make it seem more cozy. If your four-legged friend isn’t crate trained, start working on this a few weeks—or better, a few months—before your trip.


Depending on where you are going, you may not be able to find your dog or cat’s usual food at your destination. You may want to see if you can arrange having some delivered in advance. Be sure to pack extra food and, if needed, medicine.

At Your Destination

Some pets are homebodies, who will be nervous and unsettled in new places. Others love adventure, and will want to check everything out. No matter what end of that spectrum your pet falls into, take extra precautions to make sure they can’t get loose. The last thing you want is your furry best friend slipping away in an unfamiliar place!

Please reach out with questions or concerns about traveling with your pet. As your local Carolina Forest, SC animal hospital, we’re here for you!

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