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Take A Hike Day

November 15 2021

Take A Hike Day is November 17th! Here in the South, November is the perfect time of year to go for a scenic stroll. Of course, many of our canine pals also enjoy exploring new places. Read on as a Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses taking Fido on hikes.


Safety should always come first with our four-legged friends. Fido should be fixed, microchipped, and current on all his vaccines and parasite control. Your pooch should also be wearing ID tags.


Fido is always safer on a leash. A retractable leash will give your canine companion more freedom than a regular one. Just keep in mind that these can be dangerous in some areas. You don’t want your furry buddy getting wrapped up with another dog, or getting too close to a steep drop off or riverbank. You’ll also need to pay attention to leash ordinances in the park or area you’re going to. Of course, training is also important. Make sure your pooch knows and obeys basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come. Don’t let him nose around areas that could be housing rattlesnakes or other critters.


Always bring water along for both you and your pup. You can get Fido a doggy water bottle that has a dispenser attached to it. (Note: don’t let your furry bff drink from ponds or streams. The water may not be safe!) You’ll also need to bring waste baggies, a first-aid kit, and some treats. 


Not all dogs are well-suited for hiking. If you have an athletic, energetic pup, he may love going exploring with you. However, a smaller pooch, such as a Chihuahua, will probably be more comfortable at home. Senior dogs, puppies, and pets with medical conditions should also stay home. Ask your vet for specific advice. Once you’re out on the trail, keep a close eye on your canine buddy. If you see any signs of fatigue, such as panting, stop for a break. If Fido seems really tired, just head for home.


As the saying says, leave only footprints (or pawprints) and memories behind. Remember to pick up after your pet! You may be able to bury Fido’s waste in some areas, though you’ll want to check ordinances first.

As your Carolina Forest, SC animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime. 

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