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Senior Dog Care Tips

March 1 2021

As your canin e friend grows older, he’s going to go through some changes. Fido will slow down a bit, and he’ll become more interested in sleeping than in running after the cat. You may also notice your pet gaining a very sweet and lovable demeanor in his golden years. However, your pooch will benefit from some extra TLC as he ages. A Carolina Forest, SC veterinarian discusses senior dog care in this article.

B  edding

A good bed is very important for older dogs. Fido needs to be able to sleep comfortably at night! Orthopedic beds are great options, particularly for medium and large dogs.


Fido will need a great, high-quality dog food, one made for senior dogs. He may also benefit from taking certain supplements as he ages. Glucosamine is often recommended for older dogs, because it helps protect fragile bones and joints. Omega 3 and 6 oils are also beneficial for many pooches. Ask your vet for specific recommendations about your furry buddy’s nutrition and weight management needs.


Older dogs are quite sensitive to weather changes, and they really can’t tolerate extreme heat or cold. Keep up with Fido’s grooming needs. Getting that dead fur out of his coat will keep him cool in summer and warm in winter.


Young pups often wear their claws down just running around. Older pooches aren’t as active, so long claws are often an issue with them. Long claws can make walking and running uncomfortable for dogs. Fido may shift his weight as a response, which really isn’t good for his bones and joints. Keep up with those peticures!


Your four-legged friend may not be as playful as he used to be, but he’ll still benefit from regular play sessions. For most older dogs, a daily walk or two is fine. If your canine pal enjoys swimming, then by all means indulge him. Just put safety first. Only bring Fido to shallow water, and never leave him unattended near water. Of course, you’ll also need to stay away from anywhere gators or snakes may be lurking.

Tail Wags

The best way to keep Fido happy as he ages? Pay lots of attention to him! There are few things more adorable than a sweet senior dog politely requesting ear scritches.

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