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Tips for Feeding Your Dog

August 15 2020

Our canine patients come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, one thing all of them have in common? A love of food. Fido sometimes basically teleports himself into the kitchen if he hears you open the fridge! While most pups would happily gobble down anything you drop into their bowls, there are some things to keep in mind when filling your furry friend’s doggy dish. A Carolina Forest, SC offers some tips on feeding Fido below.

Get Professional Advice

Given the option, your pooch may very well opt to eat bacon, cheeseburgers, and sausages all the time. However, too much fatty foods are bad for his health! Your canine pal’s exact nutritional requirements should be based on his age, weight, size, and health. Ask your vet for specific recommendations and let that advice-not Fido’s cute puppy-dog eyes-be your guidance.

Serving Sizes

Pay close attention to portion sizes! Even giving Fido a little too much food every day can cause him to pack on extra pounds. You may want to use a measuring cup to portion out kibble.

Choose A Life-Stage Food

Fido’s nutritional needs will change over time. Puppies and senior dogs have very different dietary requirements! Choose a good, life-stage food that suits your pet’s size and activity level.

Choose High-Quality Foods

Picking a good pet food can be tricky. Almost every company employs slick marketing techniques to make their brand look like it’s the best. Do some research on labeling practices, and learn what to look for. Opt for brands that list meat, fish, or poultry first and most frequently on the label. Avoid products with long lists of ingredients that read like a chemical experiment.

Slow Going

Does your pooch wolf his food down, only to bring it right back up because he ate too fast? Try putting a tennis ball in Fido’s bowl. Moving it around will slow him down enough to give his tummy a break. (Note: we don’t recommend this for every pup. Tennis balls can be choking hazards for big dogs, while small pooches may not be able to move them. Check with your vet.)

Avoid Fast Changes

Whenever you adjust your dog’s menu, make changes gradually. Otherwise, you could upset your canine buddy’s furry belly! Do you have questions about your dog’s diet or care? Contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, today!

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