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6 Ways to Protect Your Dog From Ticks

July 1 2020

Summer is here, and ticks are out in full force. Ticks are a big concern for dog owners at this time of year. They’re not only really gross, they can also spread dangerous diseases. Plus, Fido’s love of exploring makes him a prime target. In this article, a Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some advice on protecting your canine pal from these dangerous parasites.

Parasite Control

First and foremost, keep up with your canine buddy’s parasite control regiment. There are now many great products to choose from, such as sprays, topical drops, and shampoos. Ask your vet for advice and recommendations. Just don’t double up on these products: that wouldn’t be safe for Fido.

Property Management

Did you know that keeping up with your landscaping can also help? Ticks love to lurk in tall grasses, so keeping your lawn neatly trimmed can be a huge help. You’ll also want to remove piles of debris, such as piles of leaves or dead branches, which may make tempting hiding spots. Also, if you have hedges, trim them back so they don’t touch the walls of your house.

Daily Checks

Get into the habit of checking your furry buddy over thoroughly every day. Make this a part of your daily doggy hangout time. Don’t forget to look under Fido’s collar, around his ears, and between his toes. This is especially important after your canine companion has spent a lot of time outdoors and/or in wooded areas.


Another thing you can do is put a three-foot gravel path around your property. Ticks don’t like being exposed, so they often turn back at these borders. 

Don’t Invite Wild Animals

Do you have a garden? Be sure to pick up any fallen produce right away. Otherwise, it will attract wild animals that may carry ticks. If you like to set bird feeders out, keep these away from your house, so the birds don’t get too close.


Keeping up with basic cleaning tasks will also help. Vacuum and dust regularly. You’ll also want to clean small cracks and crevasses, such as areas around door frames, baseboards, and window sills. Fleas and ticks like to lurk in these areas. Does your pooch need parasite control? Please contact us, your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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