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9 Reasons to Love Cats

December 1 2019

December is officially Cat Lovers Month! Of course, kitties deserve to be loved all the time. What is it about these little furballs that makes us adore them so much? A Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some of Fluffy’s best traits below.


If there is one thing we absolutely love about our feline buddies, it’s the fact that they are so cuddly. Kitties love to snuggle with their humans! Even more aloof furballs usually like to hang out with their people.

They’re Hilarious

Fluffy’s playful antics, silly expressions, and charming meows all keep us entertained and smiling. Cats somehow manage to be funniest when they’re being completely serious, which often just makes us laugh harder.


Is your cat sleeping right now? There’s a good chance that she is. We’re not sure why cats are so tired, but we do know that they’re super cute when they’re napping. You may find that just seeing your pet curled up on your bed or sprawled out on the couch puts a smile on your face.

Kitties Are Clean

Another great thing about cats? They’re very clean! Fluffy will keep her fur soft and clean by grooming herself, and she’ll do her business in a litterbox.

They’re Lap-Sized

Fluffy is the purrfect size to curl up in our laps for a snooze. Settling down with a furball in your lap is very relaxing, especially after a long day. Purring cats also make great sleep aids!

Cute Ways Of Showing Love

There’s no mistaking kitty affection for anything else. Fluffy may head bonk you, follow you around, rub against you, or just hop into your lap. It’s almost impossible not to smile when cats do this.

Playful Antics

Kitties are super cute when they are pouncing on a catnip mouse or chasing after a little ball. Playing with Fluffy is not only good for her: it’s also fun for you!

The Meow

Did you know that cats may have started meowing just to manipulate us? It certainly is hard to resist those cute little cries!

They Make Houses Into Homes

Having a kitty to come home to will definitely make your place welcoming and cozy. Fluffy really is the purrfect pet! Please feel free to contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to offering great veterinary care!

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