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7 Ways To Make Your Cat Feel Loved

November 1 2019

Kitties have worked very hard to make us think of them as cold, aloof, predators. However, our feline friends are actually very emotional, and do best when they feel safe and cared for. How do you make Fluffy feel loved? A Carolina Forest, SC vet offers some tips in this article.

Basic TLC

Good food, a clean litterbox, and a comfy bed will cover Fluffy most essential needs. It’s important to keep up with your pet’s veterinary care as well. Your feline pal will also appreciate having some kitty furniture, as well as a comfy window seat.


Talking to your cat is another way to bond with her. Even if Fluffy doesn’t understand what you’re saying, she’ll appreciate the fact that you’re communicating with her. Use a gentle, friendly tone, and pepper your ‘conversation’ with ear scritches and forehead rubs.


Playing with your cat regularly is one of the best things you can do for her. Pouncing and jumping are great for Fluffy, both mentally and physically. Plus, your furry buddy will know that you’re holding that wand toy just so she can jump on it.

Comfy Beds

One thing we can say for sure about cats: they certainly are sleepy. One way to turn your home into a luxury palace for Fluffy is to set out lots of comfy napping spots for her. Plush store-bought beds are fine, but you can also just fold up a soft throw blanket and put it on a chair or in a box. Pick your feline buddy up and put her in her new bed so she knows you put it there for her.


Brushing your kitty daily will help remove dust, dead fur, and tangles from her coat. It’s also a great way to make her feel pampered!

Kitty Luxuries

We may never understand why kitties are so obsessed with boxes, but we do know that a cat with a box is a happy cat. Offer Fluffy empty boxes now and then. She’ll also appreciate special gifts, like catnip toys and the occasional can of tuna.


When it comes to kitty affection, cuddles, ear scritches, and forehead rubs are all purrfect options. Pay lots of attention to your pet! Please contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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