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Fluffy’s Meowpulation Tactics

September 15 2019

Kitties are very small, but they are definitely big on purrsonality. Fluffy has a special way of melting our hearts with her adorable meows, cute furry face, and charming antics. Actually, these little furballs are very, very good at getting us to pamper them. Read on as a Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some of Fluffy’s meowpulation tactics.

The Purr

We all know that cats purr when they are feeling content. That soothing rumble is very relaxing! However, kitties also enjoy being comfortable, and many of them really love being petted or held. It’s no surprise that many people feel a bit guilty about getting up when their pets are happily curled up in their laps. Putting Fluffy down when she’s purring contentedly in your arms can also be hard.

The Leg Rub

Fluffy may weave around your legs when she wants your attention… or her dinner. If your furry pal is feeling more aggressive, or perhaps copping a bit of cattitude, she may actually run out in front of you.

The Door Scratch

Cats are known for being indecisive. Never is this more apparent than when Fluffy wants to be on the other side of a door. Your feline overlord may meow or scratch for you to open the door, but that doesn’t mean she feels any obligation to actually walk through it. In fact, she may turn and walk away. Or, if she does pass through the door, she may immediately turn around and demand you open it again.

The Paw Tap

Kitties aren’t always that sneaky when they want attention. Sometimes they just blatantly demand it, either by jumping into our laps or catching our sleeves with their paws.


Did you know that Fluffy may have started meowing just to boss us around? Although mama cats meow at their kittens and vice versa, adult felines don’t have much to say to one another. They usually communicate with body language, facial expressions, and the occasional growl or hiss. Those plaintive meows are mostly reserved for us. It’s probably no coincidence that many kitties sound rather like human babies. This, as it turns out, is a great way for our furry pals to more or less guilt us into feeding them! Please contact us, your local Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, for all your bossy cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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