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Hot Weather Care for Senior Dogs

August 1 2019

The Dog Days of summer are here! While many of our canine patients love outdoor doggy activities, like sniffing plants and rolling around in the grass, the heat can also be tough on them. As your faithful pet ages, he’ll become even more sensitive to temperature extremes, and will benefit from some extra TLC. In this article, a Carolina Forest, SC vet offers tips on caring for senior dogs in summer.


Make sure that Fido always has plenty of water. If you like, you can drop an ice cube into his bowl on hot days. If you have a yard, keep water bowls outdoors as well.


Dust, dead hair, and dander can make Fido’s coat uncomfortably hot and itchy, and can interfere with the insulating properties of his fur. Brushing your pooch regularly will help keep him more comfortable.

Paw Care

Overgrown nails are very uncomfortable for dogs, and can also snag and tear on things. Younger dogs often wear their claws down running around on harsh surfaces, but older pups don’t usually move that fast. Keep your furry buddy’s claws trimmed! Also, try to keep Fido on soft ground as much as possible, so he doesn’t burn his paws.


Limit your dog’s outdoor time during the hottest parts of the day. Walk and play with Fido at dusk and dawn, when it’s cooler out.


Making sure Fido has a comfy bed is very important. Orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs. Fido may enjoy a cooling pack on his bed. You can also put a frozen towel on your pup’s bed.


Dogs love going places with their humans. However, your furry friend may be better off staying home. Older pooches often have a hard time going from hot to cool areas and back. Also, your pet just won’t have the stamina he used to, and may get tired out very quickly. Use your discretion, and always put Fido’s safety and comfort first. He may be perfectly happy to stay home and take a nap!


One thing Fido will never outgrow is his love of snacks. Offer your canine buddy a cold treat on a sweltering day. (Tip: doggy ice cream is a great choice!) As your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet in great health. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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