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National Cat Day

October 15 2018

National Cat Day is coming up October 29th. Of course, if Fluffy had a say in the matter, every day would be National Cat Day! Our feline friends are wonderful pets, and have a way of keeping us laughing with their adorable antics and charismatic quirks. In this article, a local Carolina Forest, SC vet discusses life with kitties.

Care Tips

Cats are fairly easy keepers, which is one reason they are such popular pets. Just providing Fluffy with good food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care will see to her most basic needs. Safety is also very important. We strongly recommend keeping cats indoors, where they are safe from things like cars, predators, weather, and other cats. A bit of catproofing is also beneficial. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Keeping Kitty Content

It really isn’t hard to get that little motor going. Start by offering Fluffy some soft beds. Your feline pal will also appreciate a comfy window seat with a good view. You can also set out some pet-safe plants for her to nibble on. Last but not least, pay lots of attention to your cat, and make sure she feels loved and safe. The more you interact with your kitty, the more interactive she’ll become!

Tiny Lions

Cats are ferocious predators in the wild. However, they also happen to enjoy being pampered house pets. Of course, Fluffy will need to indulge her inner huntress every now and then. Make sure your feline buddy has lots of fun toys to pounce on, and take time to play with her every day. This will keep your kitty active and entertained. Plus, it’s great for her both physically and mentally.

Purr Activation

Want to make this day special for your kitty? Pick up a new toy for her! Catnip mice are fine, but you can also offer your furball something more modern, like a mechanical ‘swimming’ fish or a robotic mouse. Cat furniture is also a good bet. If you want to give Fluffy a special treat, offer her some plain, canned tuna in water; sodium free broth; shredded deli meat; or cooked, plain meat, fish, or turkey with the skin, bones, and fat removed. Store-bought treats are fine, too. Do you have questions about Fluffy’s health, diet, or care? Please feel free to contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic, anytime.

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