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Summer Treats for Fido

May 15 2018

Summer is just around the corner! As the weather heats up, many of us will be reaching for cold treats to cool down with on those hot summer days. Our canine pals also enjoy frozen snacks! Read on as a local Carolina Forest, SC vet lists some cold treats your pet can enjoy.

Mint Snaps

Combine chopped parsley and mint with plain Greek yogurt. Freeze in an ice cube tray, and hand over on sweltering days. (Bonus: this will also freshen Fido’s breath.)

PBB Treats

Combine natural PB with ripe bananas and plain yogurt. Freeze in small portions for a special treat for Fido.

King Kong

Kong toys are a huge favorite among our canine buddies. Add a soft filling, like organic baby food, yogurt, peanut butter, canned dog food, or sodium-free gravy, and pop it in the freezer. Instant happy pup!

Apple Snacks

Pour sodium-free chicken broth into an ice cube tray. Add apple slices, cheese, and/or bacon bits, then freeze. Voila!


There are lots of variations for this doggy version of the summer treat. One easy way is to pour sodium-free broth into wax paper cups. Add shredded meat, bacon bits, chew treats, or dog biscuits, and freeze overnight.

Lamb Roll

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Buy some precooked, frozen lamb or pork roll. Just slice off a thin piece when you want to give your pupper a snack.

Doggy Ice Cream

Start by mixing plain yogurt with natural peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, ripe bananas, sodium free broth, or organic baby food. You can customize Fido’s treat with bacon bits, shredded cheese, kibble, canned fish or chicken in water, or safe fruits and veggies, like strawberries or blueberries.

Cheeseburger Nibbles

Cook some plain hamburger, and then add some water to the meat to thin it out. Add bacon bits and cheese if you like. Divide the mixture into small portions by using an ice cube tray, wax paper cups, or a small cupcake tin, and then pop it in the freezer.

Tuna Bites

Mix plain canned tuna in water with plain yogurt and parsley, then divide into small servings. (Bonus: this one is also safe for cats, though whether Fluffy eats it or just turns her little nose up is a different story.) Enjoy your summer! Please contact us, your Carolina Forest, SC anytime. We are dedicated to providing excellent care.

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