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Introducing Two Cats

July 15 2016

Have you decided to adopt a second kitty? Good for you! We love to see cats going to great homes. Your resident feline may not share our enthusiasm, however. In fact, kitties can be quite jealous and territorial. You’ll want to proceed with caution when introducing your cats. In this article, a Myrtle Beach, SC offers advice on introducing two felines.


Before you pick up your new kitty, you’ll need to get some supplies. Fluffy will need food dishes, a bed, a carrier, food and treats, and a litterbox and litter. You’ll also want to pick up some new cat toys. Put all of these things in a quiet back room. This will give your new furball a quiet place to settle in and adjust.


Before allowing your kitties to interact, make sure they are both current on vaccines and parasite control. We also strongly recommend that both cats be fixed. Ask your vet for specific advice.

New Arrival

When you bring Fluffy home, put her in that quiet room. It won’t take long for your resident cat to realize that there’s another kitty in the house. Mittens will probably spend a lot of time at the door to Fluffy’s room. Your two cats may play ‘pawsies’ under the door, and you may hear some hissing. Feed and play with your kitties near Fluffy’s door, but don’t let them interact just yet.


When both cats seem to have accepted the fact that there is another feline present, you can introduce them. Bring your new furball out into the living room in her carrier, and let your kitties officially meet. If all seems to be going well, let Fluffy out of her cage. A bit of hissing isn’t unusual at this point, but this should diminish quickly. However, if your cats actually fight, immediately separate them and start over.

Making Friends

It can take a long time for cats to bond. Play with your pets together, and give them toys and treats together. Make sure your furballs don’t have to fight for resources: offer extra litterboxes and plenty of beds, toys, and cat furniture. It’s also important to pay both kitties equal attention. With time, patience, and TLC, Fluffy and Mittens may become best friends! Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Call us, your Myrtle Beach, SC animal hospital!

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