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Teaching Your Dog Tricks

March 15 2016

Does your dog know any tricks? Man’s Best Friend is quite intelligent, and can learn some super cute tricks! While classic doggy tricks like Sing, Beg, and Roll Over are still lots of fun, there are plenty of other adorable commands you can teach your pet. Read on as a Myrtle Beach, SC vet talks about teaching Fido tricks.

Before Starting

It’s very important for Fido to learn basic doggy obedience commands. The five most important ones are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. Make sure your furry pal knows and obeys these commands before moving on to the fun stuff.

Choosing Tricks

Classic doggy tricks like Shake Paw, Play Dead, and High Five will never stop being cute, but there are lots of other fun ones. Look online for suggestions. There are also many tricks that are quite useful. You can teach your water-loving dog to Shake his fur when he gets out of the water. Or have Fido learn to Gimme Toes, which can make your four-legged buddy’s nail trims much easier. Drop It is another helpful trick: you don’t want your opportunistic pet chewing on that chicken bone he found in the park!


When training your pooch, you’ll need to be patient, consistent, and positive. There are a few different tactics for teaching our canine buddies tricks, so feel free to choose the method that works for you. But regardless of whether you’re using a clicker, vocal commands, or another technique, you’ll want to focus on rewarding Fido for getting something right, rather than correcting mistakes. Snacks are a great training aid. Since you don’t want to accidentally overfeed your furry student, choose small treats, like pieces of kibble or cut-up hot dogs.

Advanced Training

Do you want to teach Fido to fetch your slippers? What about your remote? Would you rather your pup learn how to get you a cold drink from the fridge? The basic principle for all of these impressive tricks are the same. Start with something your pup is familiar with, such as his toy. Set the toy out near two other objects, and tell Fido to go get it. When your pup retrieves it, give him a treat as a reward. Is your canine buddy overdue for vaccinations or an exam? Contact us, your Myrtle Beach, SC animal clinic, today. We are here to help!

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