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5 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog

November 1 2015

Man’s Best Friend has been our loyal and loving companions for countless ages. Fido’s unconditional support, adorable antics, and fierce dedication have made him an important part of many homes. It’s no wonder that so many pet parents love to spoil their dogs. While our canine friends love treats and toys, there are some other ways to get that furry tail wagging. In this article, a Myrtle Beach, SC vet offers some great ways to pamper your pup.

Automated Ball Thrower

Does your dog love to play fetch? Is chasing tennis balls one of Fido’s favorite things? If so, your canine buddy may absolutely love playing with an automated ball thrower. Chasing all those balls will also provide your pet with beneficial physical exercise and burn off excess energy.

Homemade Treats

Do you like to cook? If so, why not whip up a yummy batch of homemade snacks for your furry buddy? Start with a healthy, dog-safe ingredient, such as yogurt or peanut butter, for a base. You can customize Fido’s snacks to suit his tastes by adding delicious bits of cooked, unseasoned meat; cheese; egg; or even certain fruits and veggies. Look online for recipe options.

Fido’s Day Out

Take your pup on a fun excursion. Look for a local doggy cafe, or bring your furry pal to a park so he can play with his four-legged friends. You can also take your canine friend on a fun hike or go to a dog beach.

Backyard Fun Zone

Does your pooch have a yard to play in? If so, make Fido’s outdoor zone even more fun for him. You can add a doggy wading pool for summer, or put in ramps and tunnels for your canine buddy to romp around in. You can also give your pooch a sandbox to bury toys in, or build him a deluxe doghouse.

Quality Time

While all of the above options are great, there’s no better way to make your canine buddy happy than to spend some time with him. After all, you’re the apple of your dog’s eye! Indulge your furry pal in a game of fetch, or give him a good, extended belly rub. Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? We are always here to serve your pet’s veterinary care needs. Call us, your Myrtle Beach, SC vet clinic, anytime.

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