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Helpful Kitties

September 15 2015

Do you have a kitty? Cats have sometimes been accused of being lazy, vain, and even gluttonous. While it’s true that Fluffy may spend a lot of her time sleeping, bathing, and eating, our feline friends are actually quite thoughtful. In fact, your cat may be making a sincere effort to lend a helping paw around the house! In this article from a Myrtle Beach, SC vet, you’ll read about some of the ways our furry buddies help us out.

Alarm Clock

Most of us have overslept at least once, and have experienced that frantic mad dash to get to work on time after sleeping just a little too late. Fluffy knows that part of your paycheck goes into her dinner bowl, and will do what she can to help you out. If your kitty wakes you up by gently smacking you in the face or meowing at you, you have a helpful pet!

Cleaning Help

Fluffy knows that good housekeeping is very important. Therefore, she does whatever she can to prompt a bit of extra cleaning. Whether it’s shedding on the furniture to instigate a round of vacuuming, decluttering by knocking small items off the table, assisting you with changing bedsheets, or jumping into a basket of fresh laundry to keep it warm, she’s really just trying to help.

Sleep Aid

A purring cat can make a great sleeping aid. Fluffy is very attentive, and will kindly snuggle up to you at night to help you sleep better. Of course, your thoughtful little furball may end up hogging the bed, but that’s just par for the course.

Chair Warmer

Have you ever stood up for a moment, only to have your feline friend immediately jump into your vacated seat? Fluffy isn’t stealing your spot: she’s just keeping it warm for you!

Bathroom Attendant

Does your kitty often follow you into the bathroom? Fluffy wants to be sure you’re okay! She may also helpfully shred your toilet paper. This is to ensure you never run out, as you’ll likely have to start buying in bulk.

Physical Therapist

Kitties are very concerned about our health and well-being. Fluffy may occasionally dart out in front of you, just to make you work on your balance a bit. Do you have questions about your helpful kitty’s health or care? We can help! Contact us, your Myrtle Beach, SC animal clinic, anytime.

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