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Four Local Dog Parks to Visit with Fido

August 15 2015

Are you looking for a fun new place to explore with your canine pal? A trip to the doggy park can make for a great relaxing afternoon or evening with your furry friend. Man’s Best Friend loves to run and play with his buddies, and you might find that you enjoy unwinding in a beautiful setting. In this article, a Myrtle Beach, SC vet lists some local dog parks.

Barc Parc South – Mallard Lake Drive and Cactus St

This 14-acre fenced doggy park has its own lake for Fido to play and splash around in. The park also offered and shaded areas for humans. There are separate areas for big dogs and little dogs.

Barc Parc North – 62nd Ave North

Barc Parc North also offers separate fenced areas: one for big dogs, and another one for smaller pups. There’s plenty of room for your four-legged buddy to run and play!

North-End Dog Park at Grand Strand YMCA – 5000 Claire Chapin Epps Dr.

Fido can explore new trails in this fenced in doggy park, which also offers fountains and shade. There are separate areas for little pooches as well.

Myrtle Beach State Park – 4401 South Kings HWY

While there are some restrictions on where pets can go in this gorgeous park, many areas are open to Fido, provided he is on a leash that is shorter than six feet long. You can even take Fido to the beach in the mornings or evenings! Check the website here for specific information. Before taking Fido to a doggy park, make sure he is up to date on all shots, and is wearing current tags. We also recommend keeping copies of his registration with you. Be sure to read and obey the park rules! When you arrive at the park, watch the other pups to be sure that there are no aggressive dogs in the play zone before letting your pooch off-leash. If your four-legged pal sometimes acts aggressive to other dogs, he may not be a suitable playmate for other dogs. Intact dogs can also cause problems, so keep an eye out for canines that are seeking mates. Last but not least, always bring water along for your canine buddy, and pick up after him. Please contact us, your Myrtle Beach, SC vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs.

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